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New Online Player Registration Feature20/08/13 07:32PM

AT LAST ! (I hear you say)
The new online player registration feature is available.

Secretaries and Managers, please follow these specific instructions :

1. The Club Secretary must log in first (you will be asked to update your account details, click 'Update'.)
2. The Club Secretary must select each existing player from the 'Edit Existing Player' list and change the 'Season' to 2013/14 and the team to the players team within the club, then click 'Update' to update the player.
3. Either the Secretary or the Manager (the players will NOT appear in the managers list until the Secretary has completed steps 1 & 2 above) can then update each players details including uploading a photo (click the link on the edit player page to add the photo, this should be done separately to updating the text details)
4. Players can be de-registered from the Club completely by clicking the De-registration checkbox. (The transfer box will work once the transfer window opens, more details nearer the time).
5. Players can be added by clicking the 'Add Player' option at the top of the page. Any player not shown in the 'Edit player' option should be added again (even if they were previously registered). The system will tell you if the player exists already. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE CAPITAL LETTERS APPROPRIATELY AND NOT JUST LOWERCASE ! (E.G. John Smith, NOT john smith and NOT JOHN SMITH.
6. The photo upload (.jpg ONLY) has a crop option where you HAVE to drag a selection box around the players face and shoulders ONLY. The photo upload does not work with IPhone or Ipad due to the crop facility (I may add a iphone/ipad upload in the future).
7. I decided against an upload feature for the copy Birth Certificates (at the moment) and therefore the address/email address to send them via is listed on the appropriate pages.

I've tested as far as possible, let me know if there are any teething problems please.Any Questions, please ask !  Cards will be printed and distributed soon, although existing cards are valid.

Andy Bagshaw

Player Registration System Update26/07/13 12:12PM

Managers and Secretaries please note that during the implementation of the new online player registration system, teams will be considered to have met the leagues criteria and deadlines by providing the player information to their club Secretary by the relevant league deadline date (31st July etc..), in readiness for the Secretary to add the information to the league's system.

Andy Bagshaw

Online Player Registration Process Update18/07/13 09:58AM

As work progresses on the online player registration process, Managers/Secretaries are advised to use the original forms from the download section of the website to collect the data (and gain signatures) of the players signing for each team, in readiness for entering/updating the data in the new system. Digital photos will also be required for any new signings. (Next season, as we will only have the online system, clubs are advised to collect the information using their own internal system)

Please note, there are two main forms : The team registration form should be used to resign existing team players (en masse), the individual player registration form should ONLY be used for new players.

Once the system is finished and available, Secretaries/Managers will be able to transfer the data to the new system.

New cards are only being issued to new players and all U12 and U15 teams (photo uploads required) to comply with League/FA Rules at these agegroups, although all players, new and existing, will need an up to date digital photo uploading at some point.

Any further questions (other than 'Is it ready yet'), please ask !

Andy Bagshaw

Stage 2 Updates .......27/06/13 08:39PM

Clarification of Stage 2 procedure :

Existing Club Secretary's should log in and click the 'Club Directory Editor' button which will automatically generate the teams for their club for 2013/14. Once the club data has been checked or updated the 'Update Club' button at the bottom MUST be clicked to confirm, the teams will only be generated once if you follow this procedure (unless you registered your teams more than once !)  Once the teams are generated then you can return to the Management Control Panel (MCP) and click 'Team Directory Editor' to add team information (Only delete the 'Team 1, Team 2' etc from the team name and leave blank or add 'Trojans', 'Gladiators' or whatever your team name)

The New Clubs that were confirmed by the RDYFL members represented at the AGM have been added to the website, new Secretary's should create a log in , by clicking on the login page and clicking 'Register' before logging in to confirm their club details and then teams as above.

Finally, once managers have a login, the club secretary (only) can click on the 'Administrate Users' button in the MCP and then change each managers user level to 'Results', 'Team Edit' or 'Club Edit' whichever is required.

Any further questions please email me.

Andy Bagshaw
RDYFL Webmaster

Club/Team Registration Process for 2013-1402/06/13 03:30PM

Registration Process for 2013-14 -TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CLUB SECRETARY ONLY ..........

This will be a 2 stage process as has been the norm in recent years:

Stage 1   2nd June 2013 – 16th June 2013 (Standard League Fees Apply)


For existing and new clubs whose teams wish to play in the Rowsley & District Youth Football League during the 2013-14 season, the club Secretary is required to register ELECTRONICALLY on the RDYFL website , including club officer contact information and an indication by age group of the number of teams they wish to enter for Season 2013-14 e.g.

Club ABC Wanderers

U7          x 2          U11        x 1
U8          x 2          U12        x 1
U9          x 1          etc etc
U10        x 1 

Nothing else is required at this stage, no managers names – no team addresses – no team pitches – no team contact details – JUST NUMBER OF TEAMS BY AGE GROUP.



George Elliott the RDYFL Registrar will issue invoices for Clubs/Teams based on Stage 1 information.  This is significant in that any Club wishing to enter any subsequent teams after the 16th June 2013, if accepted, their fees for entry will be double e.g. instead of £65/team, the cost will be £130/team for every additional team entered.


Stage 2  17th June 2013 – 30th June 2013 (Failure to complet Stage 1 - Double League Fees Apply)

From the 17th June 2013 to the 30th June 2013 Secretaries must login FIRST to their control panel on the RDYFL site, which will generate the new teams (on the first occasion only).

Secretaries are then required to ensure that all managers have registered a login for the RDYFL site and have logged in and added the relevant team contact information before the 30th June 2013. Subsequent changes/updates can also be made.

Further detailed instructions will be available on the website nearer the time.


League Winners and Runners Up - Presentation Nights 201320/05/13 12:01AM

Congratulations to all teams at the end of another long season,

League Winners and Runners Up for each age group, Division 1 and Division 2 are required to attend the League Presentation Nights on the following dates.

Thursday 23rd May 2013 - Under 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 18s

Friday 24th May 2013 - Under 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s

Alfreton Leisure Centre Bowls Hall, please arrive by 7pm, entrance Adults £2.50, players and children free.

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