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RDYFL Announce Support for Chernobyl Children's Life Line Charity08/11/16 12:19PM

The RDYFL is delighted to announce our partnership with the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Charity. 

Please find attached to this post our newsletter for the start of the season and some literature from the charity themselves. More details and opportunities for fundraising will be posted throughout the season.

Thank you for your support as ever, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Clubs Meeting on 24th November 7pm, Council Chambers Matlock

Matt Hodkin

Referee Fees 2016/17 and Referees Secretary Contact14/09/16 09:40AM
Please note the following when arranging your Referees :
Referee costs for the 2016/17 season
Mini Soccer Referee/Pitch fee , £20
U11 - U14 Referee Fee, £20
U15 - U18 Referee Fee, £23
League Appointed Linesman, £15 per linesman, split costs between both teams.
If you need to contact me during working hours please send a text message and not phone.
I won't answer my phone while I'm working. 
Please don't contact me before 9 am or after 9 pm.
Sean Hoole
Referees Secretary
RDYFL Communications Policy, Guide to RDYFL & AGM Presentation05/09/16 11:15PM

At the AGM in July, the RDYFL published a communications policy which we expect all of our current and prospective member clubs and teams to adhere to. We strongly advise printing a copy of this for yourselves and discussing this with your parents and players.

We have also uploaded the presentation given at the meeting and our guide to your RDYFL which explores the history and developments of your league. 

Together we will make this a stronger and more enjoyable league for all.

Good luck for the opening weekend of the season. 

Matt Hodkin
Chairman RDYFL

Referee Allocations and contacts02/09/16 03:12PM

An up to date list of Referee Contact details can be accessed by managers using the League-->Referee Directory menus on the RDYFL website.

U11 to U17/18s Managers can check the referee that has been allocated to their fixture by clicking the fixture on the RDYFL website, this will show the fixture in the FA's Full Time system with the ground and referee in the bottom left corner.

Home Teams should contact the referee and opposition no later than Wednesday evening of the week prior to the fixture to confirm the venue and kick off time.

Sean Hoole
Referees Secretary -

Full League Meeting04/08/16 11:34AM

Clubs are reminded that the full league meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 18th August 2016,

7:30pm - DCC Matlock County Offices.

Stage 2 Registration Process24/07/16 10:53PM

The Club/Team registration Stage 2 process is now open.

The first part of stage 2 must be completed by Secretaries ONLY,

NEW CLUB SECRETARIES : please register a new SECRETARY user for your club using the Login Here Link from the home page. Then email  to request an update to Secretary status (this is a security measure and only has to be done the first time you register). Once upgraded login and follow the Existing Club Secretaries instructions below. Managers must create their own login after Secretaries have completed this process, however access is restricted until Secretaries upgrade their user status using Administrate Users,

EXISTING CLUB SECRETARIES : Please login and use the Club Directory Editor to update your Club Details and generate the teams for this season. You MUST click Update Club after your first login. Once this has been done you can use the Team  Directory Editor to update each teams information. If you wish to use data from last season, EG U12s to U13s just select the last seasons team from the list at the bottom of you team page.

The deadline for Club/Team information update has been extended to : 7th August 2016.
Online Player Registration is the same as last season for existing Clubs, again, Secretaries need to  assign players to their relevant teams AND update the season to 2016/17, within the club before managers can see them in their login.

New Players can be added by New and Existing Secretaries using the Administrate Players Button  bearing in mind that you are required to login again to access player administration. 

Andy Bagshaw

Any problems please contact me. 

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